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From: Marilyn Walter
Fremont, California

           Lumbrokinase Benefits: What You Should Really Know

Lumbrokinase is one of the healthiest enzymes that have a significant impact in the improvement of the overall health condition of an individual. This helpful enzyme is generally derived from an earthworm which is scientifically known as Lumbricus rubellus. 

With its discovery many years ago, health care professionals considered it as a valuable medicine since lumbrokinase benefits are highly beneficial to one’s health. 


Before its scientific discovery, lumbricus rubellus or simply earthworm has long been used as traditional medicine for many centuries in the eastern part of the world. According to medical professionals, this beneficial earthworm is capable of breaking down the fibrin (fibrous protein) present in the blood which is one of the leading causes of blood clotting typically in the body’s major artery. 

If the major artery of the human body is blocked due to blood clot, the body’s heart will not get a sufficient amount of blood which it needs in order to function normally. More often than not, this can result to an unexpected heart attack, which may cause death if worse comes to worst. This is the cogent reason why lumbrokinase is absolutely beneficial to one’s health. 

Leading scientists from Japan performed an extensive research on lumbricus rubellus and they have effectively found a way to make it more beneficial. These scientists succeeded in extracting a pro health enzyme that has the ability to dissolve fibrin which consists of 6 proteolytic enzymes or protein digesters.

These protein digesting enzymes is medically known as the lumbrokinase. This enzyme is proven to promote healthy blood coagulation in normal levels, improve fibrinolytic activity and increase the effectiveness of a particular treatment in chronic, acute and sub-acute medical conditions associated from poor circulation and clotting tendencies.

How It Works 

Lumbrokinase benefits are possible to achieve due to its potent and helpful properties. Lumbrokinase is a medical name for a certain group of fibrinolytic enzymes which are all highly stable. These valuable proteolytic enzymes are proven helpful in numerous scientific studies due to their beneficial effects on the health of an individual. 

Long before discovered and studied, this enzyme is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Now it is still used and research validated that it has a significant contribution in keeping the body’s cardiovascular system healthy. 

Certain supplements based in lumbrokinase can be very useful in improving the health condition of the heart, encouraging normal blood flow and maintaining the cardiovascular system from functioning properly. Lumbrokinase or simply LK consists of a special group of beneficial proteolytic enzymes that is extracted from a certain class of earthworm, which contains plasmin and plasminogen activator as well. 

The substance plasminogen activator or (e-PA) in lumbrokinase is almost similar to the tissue plasminogen activator or (t-PA) that is available in other sources, which indicates the greater possibility of a thrombolytic activity in the existence of fibrin. 

And because of this, lumbrokinase has a greater advantage over other clot busting agents due to the fact that it does not cause excessive bleeding in the body or worsen certain bleeding disorders. Thus, lumbrokinase is much safer than other enzymes associated in breaking down fibrin and this makes it one of best lumbrokinase benefits. 

Lumbrokinase methods of functioning include participating in the plasminogen activation and breaking the body’s fibrin. This pro health enzyme proteolysis fibrin and fibrinogen and hardly hydrolyze certain plasma proteins together with albumin and plasminogen.

The healthy enzymes present in lumbrokinase or LK has potent fibrinolytic activity, which has a broad pH range in a stable manner and a higher level of stability against degradation and inactivation. More often than not, they are proteases similar to alkaline trypsin but they are much greater than trypsins in terms of tolerance and stability to certain organic solvents. 

The activity and effectiveness of lumbrokinase is far higher than any traditional Chinese supplements and Chinese medicinal products available in United States. Larger amounts of lumbrokinase have been found to be transported with the use of intestinal epithelium (IE), even with healthy subjects. 

Lumbrokinase Benefits 

With this beneficial enzyme, users can experience great lumbrokinase benefits upon its use. Scientific research indicates that lumbrokinase has beneficial health effects to the body. In fact, LK has the ability to enable the body to break blood clots and dissolve unhealthy blood coagulation in the affected parts of the human body and increase fibrinolytic activity, which is the ability of certain proteolytic enzymes to successfully dissolve fibrin present in clots thus promoting greater wound healing. 

With this, an individual will have a lesser risk from experiencing heart attack, which is one of the most threatening medical conditions associated from the cardiovascular system. This is one of the best lumbrokinase benefits that it can provide. 

Lumbrokinase can have s beneficial effect in the treatment and prevention of certain medical conditions such as:

• Pulmonary infarction 

• Myocardiac infarction

• Vein and retinal artery occlusion leading to blindness 

• Vascular sudden and temporary deafness

• Ischemic cerebrovascular disease 

According to health care professionals, lumbrokinase is a healthy alternative treatment for those individuals who are currently taking the therapy hyperbaric oxygen or EDTA chelation as well as for those who previously had any of these therapies. 

Lumbrokinase is administered easily, has only few less serious side effects which often occur when it is used excessively, and it doesn’t cause hemorrhage risk like others do. Since lumbrokinase do not cause gastrointestinal reaction, it is an excellent medication replacement for those individuals who have a difficulty in taking aspirin. 

One of the most valuable lumbrokinase benefits is that this potent enzyme has a significant contribution in the treatment as well as in the prevention of hypercoagulability, which is the propensity of the human body to develop blood clots or thrombosis due to the abnormality of the body’s coagulation. 

Hypercoagulability is associated with certain chronic diseases and lumbrokinase can significantly contribute to prevent and treat these medical conditions such as: 

• Pulmonary heart disease 

• Malignant tumor 

• Diabetes mellitus 

• Atrial fibrillation

• Systematic lupus erythematosus – a chronic disease that influences the body’s immune system to attack the body’s tissue and cells, which in turn resulting to tissue damage and inflammation.

• Polycythemia vera – known also as Erythrema, a particular blood disorder that leads the body’s bone marrow to produce excessive red blood (RB) cells. 

• Liver disease

• Glomerulonephritis – a medical condition that is characterized by glomerulussz inflammation. Glomerus is a basic part of nephron, which is the working or functional unit of the body’s kidney. 

• Thrombocythemia – a disturbing medical condition that is characterized by an excessive production of platelets, which usually leads to the development of irregular blood clotting as well as bleeding in some parts of the body

. • Hemolytic Anemia – a disorder that is caused by extreme destruction of the body’s red blood (RB) cells.

• Preeclampsia – a particular toxic condition that usually develops during the last four or five months of pregnancy. This medical condition is usually characterized by an unexpected or sudden increase of the body’s blood pressure, severe headache, excessive increase in weight, visual disturbances, albuminuria and generalized edema that occurs mostly in the ankles, face, feet and hands. 

Medical professionals indicate that this valuable enzyme can help improve the health of those patients suffering from these medical conditions stated above. Aside from this, lumbrokinase can also be very useful to prevent the development of these disturbing conditions as well as prevent them from further worsening. 

With these great lumbrokinase benefits, the patient will be able to have a higher chance to gain an improvement to their condition, thus achieving a healthier body. 

Being a special thrombolytic drug or agent as well as an effective oral anticoagulant that contains t-PA activities and urokinase, lumbrokinase can be used in combination with certain anticoagulant medications, which will help increase the success rate of treating thrombosis disease. This combinational treatment can greatly help improve the overall condition of an individual as fast as possible. 

Side Effects 

Scientific research indicates that lumbrokinase is totally non-toxic and it is free from adverse health effects. This can only mean that patients taking lumbrokinase has a smaller risk from experiencing side effects.

As of now, a great number of patients currently taking lumbrokinase reported no severe side effects upon its use. Directions for Proper Use Lumbrokinase is used as dietary supplements. It is taken in the form of oral administration.

The Proper way to use it is to take: 

• 1 capsule – morning 

• 1 capsule – afternoon 

• 2 capsules – nighttime 

You can follow this dosage instruction or as instructed by a health care professional. 

To make sure, it is best that you should seek the advice of a medical professional before using it. In this way you will be able to determine exactly the dosage that is appropriate for you. Lumbrokinase can be taken in an empty or full stomach. 


Though compatible with certain anticoagulant drugs, seek the approval of a health care professional so as to determine if you are allowed to use two or more medications at the same time. 

Drug Interactions 

Although there were no cases reported that lumbrokinase can interact with other medications in various drug categories, it is advisable to inform your doctor regarding your previous medications if you will use lumbrokinase as well as the medications you are going to use once you are already taking lumbrokinase. 

General Recommendations 

If you are planning to use any dietary supplement based from lumbrokinase, it is highly recommended that you should consult first a medical professional before using it immediately. To ensure the safety of your health, follow the recommended dosage or take it exactly as instructed by a medical professional. 

Though lumbrokinase benefits are helpful, it is still possible for you to experience side effects upon using it. If you feel any usual reactions or experience something undesirable upon using LK, seek medical assistance immediately.

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